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Twelve Days In Viet Nam

The Life and Death Nicholas Conaxis


I wrote the book as I think Nick would have written it about himself. He would not have hidden his mischief, mistakes, and struggles. He was beginning to confront them in his letters from military training in 1967-68. That he wrote such sensitive, honest, and loving letters; that he showed kindness to many people; that he was a character all day long and brought joy to those around him – all are testaments to the person he became despite the anxiety and insecurity life dealt him.
During his twelve days in Vietnam, April 23 to May 5, 1968, Nick wrote letters to at least four people: his sister Stacia, William Beckler (an older friend), Tasha Lingos, and Marsha Greenberg. With individual variations, they contained the same reflections about his life as a soldier in Vietnam.

For this book, all of Nick’s letters are printed in Lucida Handwriting. I hope this typeface gives a feeling of the letters he wrote in longhand.