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Twelve Days In Viet Nam

The Life and Death of Nicholas Conaxis


-From the Wife of a Viet Nam Veteran:

I have read your book cover to cover. I have to say, coming from the Viet Nam war era, having lost several friends (including past boyfriends), and having almost gotten arrested on the state house steps, it brought tears to my eyes. I still have not stopped quoting parts of it to people I speak to. You did an excellent job. You managed to capture drama, comedy, love, inspiration, and above all pride. So many years have passed and it's great to see (after all these years) that these men are still being honored in so many ways. A lot of that is due to people like you who insist that the people know what these boys really went through. Harry and I went to visit the Wall and he had his Viet Nam hat (baseball style) on and I cannot tell you how many (mostly older) men and women came up to him and shook his hand and said Thank You. Of course, me, it makes me cry every time. My husband is finally proud of being a Viet Nam Veteran and not hiding in shadows being referred to as a baby killer. Which by the way, he never ever saw something like that happen at the hands of any Americans. If nothing else, it was like Nick said, sad to see what these children were going through. Anyway, I cannot get carried away on this again, I think my heart rate has at least doubled just talking about it now. I just wanted to tell you, Good Job. Nick represents a lot of young men that were there that came home to go on having tremendously awful memories, as well as the ones that did not come home, like Nick. Keep up the good work and I wish you a lot of success with your book. I can tell it came from your heart, not just from interviews and notes.

From Richard Quinney, sociologist and author of several books that combine autobiographical writing and photographs, including A Farm in Wisconsin, a history of his family farm.)

I am amazed that so much life was lived in his few years. In the lives that he touched. And how you were able to contact people who knew him, and how they participated in your research and writing. You are a master in contacting them, in the ways you found them. There are few books that show the dedication that is shown in your book. Every veteran should have a biographer such as you.